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Wednesday 17, January 2018

CP-09 April Cowboy of the Month


Isaiah Benjamin

In his 20's Isaiah was a gunfighter and could hold his own with the best of them. He spent those early years of his life living hard and loose. But during those wild years of his youth he “saw the light” and his life they say, was transformed. Isaiah hung up his guns and instead picked up his bible and served as a Minister for many happy, contented years. He had vowed to never again pick up his guns, but that vow changed in an instant the day a band of outlaws rode into town terrorizing the town folk. When the dust settled many lay dead, including Isaiah's wife and children. The outlaws stood in the center of Main Street laughing as they viewed the carnage. The citizens of that little town were shocked when their Pastor walked into the street and 6 of the baddest outlaws the town had every seen never even cleared leather as Isaiah gunned them down. Did Isaiah return to gunfighting, or the pulpit? The town folk would never know the answer as Isaiah mounted his horse without looking back, and rode out of town never to return.

Figures supplied unpainted.

Price: $3.00

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