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Monday 22, January 2018

CP-08 March Cowboy


Carlton Smith Wynautt

Carlton's mother had fallen on hard times and in a desperate attempt to keep herself alive turned to the only occupation available to her, thus Carlton was born and raised in a brothel. His mother, wanting to give her son a better life than she had been forced to endure, raised him to be a gentleman. She made sure he was dressed like any fine gentleman should be dressed, he always sported a stovepipe hat, and the finest silk shirts and ties. Clothes though, do not make the man. Carlton having seen and been exposed to the seedier side of life was not above taking advantage of those he came in contact with or even called friends. He was quite accomplished in cheating at cards and felt it his God given right to have what he wanted no matter how he he went about accomplishing that task. Being treated like a prince by his mother yet being fully aware of what the town folk called him given the sordid details of his birth, Carlton carried a much exaggerated air of self importance about himself. One night in a crowded saloon, sitting in on a game of poker, Carlton came face to face with his destiny. He finally met the man who would put him in his place because of his arrogant attitude and cheating ways, and sadly for Carlton that place was Boot Hill.

Figure sold unpainted.

Price: $3.00

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