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Monday 22, January 2018

CP-06 January Cowboy


“Chief Joe”

Chief Joe’s life started in a rather odd place, a wood shop in Philadelphia, PA in 1861. Although he was born an Indian he never spent a minute of his life among the Indians! He had always lived amongst the white man?? Throughout his life Chief Joe
traveled to many different and varied places and was privileged to witness quite a few historical moments. His first home was in front of a small shop in Washington, DC. The shop happened to be right next door to Fords Theater. He remembers how happy he was when he got a glimpse of the president that evening as he went into the
theater. He sadly also remembers the sound of a gun shot and the sorrow he felt as he saw them carry Mr. Lincoln across the street. Now suddenly for some reason unbeknownst to him he was in the Dakota Territory - Deadwood. He was sitting in front of the Nuttall Mann’s # 10 Saloon the day Bill Hickok was murdered. Within a few
short weeks he had a very brief stay in Minnesota in a small town called Northfield. What an exciting day it was when the James Gang rode into town. Later Chief Joe moved to Dodge City, Kansas where he spent several years and was witness to all the great cattle drives and getting to know the Marshall Bat Masterson. Chief Joe’s next stop was Tombstone, AZ. He watched the Earps and Doc Holliday make their infamous walk down the street to the OK Corral. Then there were 5 exciting years with the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. He became acquainted with such people as Annie Oakley, but his most memorable moment came when the great Souix war chief stood in front of him one day and just stared. He also remembered the tear that dropped from the great warriors cheek. Chief Joe has been in the same place now for many years. It is an antique shop in Pittsburgh. He sits between some old hand
painted duck decoys and some very nice but old china. He is quite sure he had seen that china years ago when he was living in the foyer of the Carnegie mansion. Often people would stand in front of him and he would hear them say, “That’s too much.” If only they knew the stories he had to tell.

This figure is supplied unpainted. Product contains lead and is not suitable for children.

Price: $3.00

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