Blue Moon Manufacturing Fine Scale Miniatures
15/18mm BLUE MOON
25/28mm Epic Buildings
28m Gang Land
28mm Adventures In Sherwood Forest
28mm Aliens and Spacemen
28mm Drums In The Ohio Valley
28mm Fantasy Land
28mm Highways and Byways
28mm Pulp Characters
28mm Swashbucklers, Rogues and Desperados
28mm The Wild West
28mm Things That Go Bump In The Night
28mm Wagons HO!
Winter Fun

15LBH107 Dismounte..

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On orders shipped within the US we are charging a flat fee of $9.00 for all orders with a total of under $500.00 (these amounts are after discount for Old Glory Army members). All orders with a total over $500 the shipping will be FREE within the US.
On International shipping, we try our best to keep the shipping charges as close to actual cost as possible, so we will adjust the shipping charge, either up or down when we know what the actual cost is, this is done before the credit card is charged. If you pay by Pay Pal we will refund you the difference on an over charge, and if the shipping charge was underestimated by the web program, we may contact you to pay the extra amount. Due to the high cost of shipping we now ship most if not all packages to Canada and overseas by USPS as the price is usually a lot cheaper for the customer. We also, as often as possible, use the new USPS flat rate shipping boxes which brings the postage charges to Canada and Mexico to $40.95 USD for a medium flat rate box or $53.95 for the large flat rate box. On very small orders the charge MAY work out to just the minimum shipping charge of $9.00. There will be a couple dollars added for insurance - depending on value of order.

For shipments to Europe and the rest of the world the flat rate medium box is $59.95 USD or $77.95 for the large flat rate box. Please note that when shipping both domestic and International shipments via US Mail, once it is mailed it becomes the responsibility of the recipient.

For customers who order on Old Glory 25s and/or Blue Moon Manufacturing on the same day, we combine your orders so there would be just 1 shipping charge. We will adjust your total before we run your credit card, or refund the overage if you pay with PayPal. There will be a couple dollars added for insurance - depending on value of order.

There is a 20% re-stocking fee on item returns based on anything other than defective merchandise, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs to return these items.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Please note Pennsylvania customers will be charged sales tax when we run your credit card since all sales are processed at Old Glory in Pennsylvania.


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